Study trip to the Black Forest National Park – Germany

Six people from “Friends of Shara” and a representative of MES from October 8 to 12, 2015 visited the Black Forest National Park in Germany. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about creative campaigns and effective lobbying for an area to become a national park. Nature walks were organized as well as a visit to the open ethno museum “Vogtsbauernhof”. The visit was organized by MES and Euronatur. During 2016, the Friends of the Black Forest with the visit to Sharr Mountain will return the visit to Macedonia.

Concert in Tetovo for promotion of “Friends of Shara”

On September 26th,  in Tetovo  a promotional event on the platform “Friends of Shara”was held,  with performances by two local music groups. Attendees, including citizens, activists and NGOs from the region, were briefed about the platform and its mission. Promotional materials were distributed, and “Friends of Shara” was supported by 30 new members.